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Konosi Advocates, Address, Rates, Contacts

Konosi Advocates Contact Details

Phone Number: +254 722 72 82 88

Email Address: konosiadvs@konosiadvocates.co.ke

Website: https://konosiadvocates.co.ke/

Konosi Advocates Physical and Postal Address

Trade World Building, First Floor, Kijabe Row

P.O Box 15499, 20100

CBD, Nakuru


About Konosi Advocates


Konosi & Co. Advocates was launched in 1994 as one of the emerging successful law firms in Nakuru County. Over the years we have attained legal experience that places in the Kenyan market. Konosi & Co. Advocates key mantra is our professional and client-focused service.

We offer our legal expertise with an in-depth understanding of the client’s business. Our experience and outcome-focused approach is directed towards creating solutions that help clients to achieve their objectives in better, more cost-effective and time-efficient ways.

As part of this rigorous approach, we have a comprehensive client care programme to ensure that our clients’ needs are evaluated on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on offering high quality legal advisory services based on international best practices and on-the-ground local experience. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of national laws, customs and procedures.

Konosi & Co. Advocates provides a full range of legal services to an extensive client base which includes Kenyan Citizens, Multinational Companies, County and National Governments, Kenyan and Foreign Financial institutions, Religious and International Aid Organizations.


We believe in providing solutions that give value to the client. We continuously improve ourselves so our solutions can be in keeping with best practices. We utilize technology to increase our efficiency and add value to our clients. We give back to our community through our corporate responsibility programs.


We recognize that all strides we have made and all improvements are as a result of the collective efforts of the professional staff, management team and support staff. For ease of administration and improved efficiency, the firm has staff consisting of the Managing Partner, Associate Counsels and Support Staff.