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CM Advocates LLP, Address, Rates, Contacts

CM Advocates LLP Contact Details

Phone Number: +254 41 4470758 / +254 746 995283

Email Address: mombasaoffice@cmadvocates.com

Website: https://www.cmadvocates.com/

CM Advocates LLP Physical and Postal Address

Links Plaza, 4th Floor, Links Road, Nyali

Nyali, Mombasa


About CM Advocates LLP

CM Advocates LLP aspires to be the premier legal, company secretarial and business advisory firm in Kenya and within the East Africa Community (EAC) Members states, by providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for their legal and business advisory needs and a world-class customer experience.

In order to achieve our aspirations, we work directly or in collaboration with other like-minded professional service firms and persons within our market niche in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. As our vision suggests, our unique selling proposition is that we add value to our customer, protect their interests in the best possible way and assist to succeed. We believe that we can only succeed and grow as a firm only when the same happens to our clients. Most importantly, all interactions and relationships with our customers are shaped by our values which include; professionalism, respect, commitment, excellent service, speed and integrity.

The firm's clientele is both local and international, and cross-cutting across various sectors of our economy. Our clients include banks and financial institutions, manufacturing concerns, real estate developers, government corporations, religious and charitable organizations, small and medium sized businesses, individual clients and other enterprises.

To remain on the cutting edge, CM Advocates LLP fosters a working environment that puts emphasis on respect for diversity, team work, continuous learning, knowledge sharing and peer review amongst its professional team of lawyers. This has enabled the firm to curve a niche in the existing as well as new or emerging branches or areas of law.