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KWP Attorneys, Address, Rates, Contacts

KWP Attorneys Contact Details

Phone Number: 011 789 1783

Email Address:

Website: https://kwplaw.co.za/

KWP Attorneys Physical and Postal Address

2 Guillaume, Bordeaux 2194 Randburg, Gauteng

Randburg, Johannesburg

South Africa

About KWP Attorneys

At KWP we pride ourselves on delivering smart cost-effective legal solutions to our clients, endeavouring always to keep costs proportionate to the result sought.
KWP Attorneys is located in Randburg, offering the best services and providing people with easier access to world-class legal and complementary services. KWP Attorneys have extensive expertise in Property, Commercial, Tax, Labour law, as well as Carbon Finance and Offshoring.

In 2002, Stephen Wingate-Pearse https://kwplaw.co.za/our-team/ started KWP Attorneys and with over 10 years’ experience, our reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by our partners, our staff, and on the scope of their practical experience. We pride ourselves on lateral thinking; delivering innovative legal and commercial solution in the best interest of our clients.

In a commercial context we remain mindful of the bottom line by endeavouring to ensure that clients receive the most cost effective solutions available.

Our team https://kwplaw.co.za/our-team/ strives to forge mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients.

We are centrally situated in Bordeaux on the major intersection of Jan Smuts and Republic Road. We are easily accessible from the Sandton, Randburg and Hyde Park CBDs.