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John Mburu & Co. Advocates, Address, Rates, Contacts

John Mburu & Co. Advocates Contact Details

Phone Number: +254-20-2715492

Email Address: info@jmadvocates.com / johnmburuandcompany@gmail.com

Website: http://www.jmadvocates.com/

John Mburu & Co. Advocates Physical and Postal Address

Tetezi Towers 6th Floor, Along George Padmore Rd

Kilimani, Nairobi


About John Mburu & Co. Advocates

John Mburu & Co. Advocates was established in 1998, as a sole proprietorship and has since then traded in that name and style. The firm’s offices are located at Tetezi Towers, 7th Floor, Along George Padmore Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi. The mission of the firm is to be one of the premier Law Firms in Nairobi, offering the right quality of legal services to our clients at an affordable cost and with utmost speed.

John Mburu & Co. Advocates provides a full range of legal services to an extensive client base which includes companies, financial institutions, foreign investors and hotel groups. The firm operates in three departments; litigation department, commercial and conveyancing department and General consultancy and research. We have managed to successfully complete numerous simple and complex litigation matters, commercial and conveyance transactions for hundreds of individual and corporate clients.

Working with commercial service providers such as National Bank of Kenya (NBK), Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Cooperative Bank (CO-OP), Agricultural Finance Cooperation (AFC) and property developers; Riara View Development Company limited, Citivillas Valuers Limited among other we understand the dynamics of property law, conveyance procedures and regulation, compliance in the property market and the business of the real estate.

Further, the firm has vast experience in commercial transactions such a mergers and acquisitions, investment transaction advise, Incorporation of local and foreign companies, `Drafting an reviewing small to large scale agreements, Compliance matters Consultation on broad legal issue and the drafting of legal opinion.

Our business is driven by a passion for meeting our clients’ needs. Through taking a proactive approach to client care, we rigorously undertake a comprehensive client care program. We ensure our client’s cases are evaluated on a regular basis and updates provide on the same. We welcome input form our clients regarding their matters and our performance by holding regular client care meetings. To foster engagement we encourage our clients to seek counsel from the partners and advocates as often as possible whenever there is need.

It is firm policy to act expediently and efficiently on client matters. We strive o ensure that the speed at which we work on our clients matters is sufficient and the quality of work is impeccable.